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5 Tips for How to Grow and Scale Your Business During COVID-19

1. Remember, Your Current Clients Are Number One

In times of uncertainty, it can be easy to get distracted by wanting to only focus on how to generate new income streams or launches. I want to challenge you that one of the most important things with growing your online business right now is over-delivering to your current clients.

But first things first, your current clients are going to need you more than ever. Checking in with them more often will ensure client satisfaction and will continue to help them get the best results from your product or service.

The second piece is that testimonials and social proof are SO important for your online business. When you give your clients more than what they expected, they will over-deliver on their social proof for you.

How can you over-deliver?

  • Offer extra calls to your clients.

  • Go LIVE more often in your paid communities for face-to-camera time.

  • Offer discounts on evergreen courses/programs.

  • Be a listening ear when they need it.

2. Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Now more than ever, people will be consuming different types of social media as a form of distraction from what is going on in the world. Yes, it will be a lot like the early 2000s when the internet will become an escape from reality. Remember those days?

Your audience is growing sick of the news and they are ready to consume content that is going to be valuable to them. First, you need to be able to grab their attention.

Using powerful hooks on social media posts is going to be key to stopping people from scrolling past your content. What is a hook? It is the very first line of a post; the one that tells the reader exactly why they need to stop and consume the whole thing!

Hook suggestions:

  • My 3 tips to do _____. (Tell them what they’re about to learn.)

  • If you’re anything like me, then you know _____. (If they can relate, they’ll read on.)

  • You won’t BELIEVE what just happened. (Click-bait to spark curiosity.)

If you just jump into the story without telling us why we should care and why it’s important that we know, we will keep on scrolling.

3. Stay Top-of-Mind

Even when social media tends slightly change, your audience isn’t dropping their love of scrolling Instagram and Facebook completely! I recommend staying in a CREATION mode as much as possible for a second priority behind OVERDELIVERING on serving your current clients. The more your audience notices you showing up on social media even if they aren’t consuming your content, they are more likely to think of YOU when a need for your product or service arises. The best part? Your content doesn’t (and honestly shouldn’t) have to only relate to your business.


  • Sharing a tutorial for your signature braid hairstyle.

  • Your hacks for organizing your closet.

  • Your secret to the perfect hard-boiled egg.

How frequently should you be showing up on social media? To some degree, you want to be showing up face to camera daily.

4. Demonstrate Your Essential Value

The next thing you want to pay attention to is making sure that you are positioning your brand and products to align with your ideal client’s perception of essential value.

At times when you worry that your audience is changing their buying behaviors, the best way to adapt to this is to show them that you are meeting their essential needs. For a lot of us, those needs include Solving known problems, community/support, providing certainty.

Whether you’ve had to think about these in your business before or not, how can you shift your content to reflect that you are making it your mission to meet these needs?


  • Tell us about your community and how it will enrich our lives.

  • How are you solving problems that we have RIGHT NOW?

  • How are you/your products making us feel sure of our decisions and protected?

5. Get Scrappy With Your Resources

With social media, the ability to grow your business and generate revenue are ENDLESS! I know you may have certain routines and launch plans that you’re set in, but sometimes we need to be adaptable and ready to meet people where they’re at.

Bonuses and “extra stuff” isn’t getting people to get off the fence and make buying decisions as much at this current time. What is? Discounts!

Recommendations for increasing cash flow into your business right now:

  • Running a flash sale on an existing evergreen offer.

  • If you provide an in-person service such as photography, offer a discount if they buy “sessions” upfront.

  • Creating a low ticket baby-offer that provides INSANE value (to build your email list as well).

  • Beefing up your affiliate program for offers so you can partner with loyal members of your community for a mutually-beneficial launch.

What with everything that is going on, I wanted to outline the main areas of your business you should focus on to continue to grow your impact on social media. At the end of the day, SHOWING UP is always going to be the most important thing. Leaders will rise and you’re here because you are a leader who’s making a change

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